How to arrive

  • If you´re coming from Alicante, through the N-332

Como llegar 1

1. Take the exit to the airport (to the right if you come from Alicante or through the scalextric if you come from El Altet).

Como llegar 2

2. You will then be in the N-338. 200m. to the right you will see the sign and the entrance to Umbrella Parking.

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  • If you´re coming from the motorway:

Como llegar 3

1. Take the exit 22 to the airport. It will take you to the N-338. Continue and you will see the airport to the right, but you must continue through the N-338, passing in front of the airport.

Como llegar 4

2. If you continue for 500m. approximately, you will see the sign and the entrance to Umbrella Parking to the left, but you won’t be able to turn, since the N-338 is divided by a wall between the two tracks.

Como llegar 5

3. 200m. after the entrance to Umbrella Parking you have seen, you must go in direction El Altet – Santa Pola, entering the N-332.

Como llegar 6

4. 200m. later go out from the exit of El Altet Norte, turning in the bypass and you will inmediately see a Repsol petrol station to the right.

Como llegar 7

5. Do a U-Turn in the roundabout you´ll find just after the petrol station, going out to the N-332 in direction Alicante.

Como llegar 8

6. 200m. after the petrol station, take the exit to the airport. You will go on top of the scalextric and you will arrive to the N-338, where you had been before on the opposite direction.

Como llegar 9

7. 200m. to the right you will find the sign and the entrance to Umbrella Parking.

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Tel (+34):

966 44 57 88

627 60 88 58

Donde estamos:

Ctra. N-338, Polígono 2-133.
03195 El Altet, Elche, Alicante.
Coordenadas GPS:
38º 17´ 17″ N
0º 32´ 27″ W
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