Turin is a tremendously interesting Italian city, even it is not among the most sought after tourist destinations in Italy. Do you want to know WHAT TO SEE IN Turin? Surprise yourself with this city!

 7 Reasons to visit Turin

  1. In addition to its main historical monuments such as its cathedral, the Church of San Lorenzo or the Sanctuary of the Consolatta, we offer you many more options.
  2. Via Roma

This street connects Porta Nuova station with PIazza Castello. Here you can find some of the most glamorous shops in all Turin.

  1. Piazza Castello

The nerve center of all Turin. You can not miss the Royal Palace and the Madama Palace. And for lovers of theater, the Regio Theater.

  1. Piazza Vittorio Veneto

It is considered the largest square in Europe. Do not miss the ice cream shops and the Via Po.

  1. The Murazzi at Po river

The Murazzi were the warehouses that were to the sides of the river Po. Currently, they have become fashionable places for the youngest. Be sure to visit them on Tuesdays or at the weekend.

  1. The Egyptian Museum

The most important Egyptian museum in the world, after Cairo.

  1. The cradle of best Italian chocolate and the Italian appetizer

Turin got the solid chocolate as previously it was only taken as a drink. Some even say that the Swiss came to Turin to discover all the secrets of this. Do not miss the Gianduiotto. And if you go in March, the Cioccola To fair. For its part, the Italian appetizer is something like the Italian tapas. The best, take it along with a good vermuth, an invention also of Torino.

Now flying to Turin from Alicante is very economical. An unforgettable trip at a cost … unforgettable too.