The Alicante Airport has been closed to air traffic today Thursday 30 due to a runway exit of a private plane from the Netherlands for reasons that are still unknown.

The event occurred at about 2:00 p.m. and according to the Airport protocol of action in these cases, the airport has decided to close air traffic, creating great confusion among travelers, some of whom were already embarked ready to take off while other flights to Alicante have had to be diverted to other nearby airports, such as Murcia or Valencia.

All flights this afternoon have been canceled or delayed and the flight companies are getting in touch with their passengers to inform them of the status of their flights, so if you were planning to travel to or from Alicante we recommend that you get in touch with your airline.

Fortunately the incident has been resolved without victims or serious injuries, so we only have to regret the enormous and inconvenient that this has generated in the Airport of Alicante and among its users.