While approaching the end of 2015 several conclusions and assessments of the current course can be done for Spanish airports in general and Alicante-Elche Airport particullary.

This year has continued the upward trend in Spanish airports overall, which continues its 25 months of consecutive upward. In addition, the network of airports recorded last November more than 13,763,000 passengers, which means an increase of 9.1% over the same last year´s month. In the case of Alicante Airport, growth in November was 9.3%, with more than 645,500 passengers, making it closer to the “psychological” number of 10 million annual passengers. According to an AENA press note, this exceeds Alicante Airport numbers before the crisis, as the second best month of November dates back to 2007.

This November, the increase in international traffic was much greater than the domestic traffic one, posting near a 11% the number of foreign passengers increased, while the number of domestic passengers has suffered a slight drop of about 1% .

The largest passenger came, as always, the United Kingdom, and followed at a distance by German and domestic passengers.