More than 1.250.000 passengers used last july the Alicante Airport installations, this represents an increase of 3,8% from last year´s july.

 National traffic continues being the most increased proportionally, as an augmentation of the 6,1% from spanish travelers was registered, making a total of 129.000, meanwhile intenational traffic increased a 3,9%, raising 1.120.000 passengers.

 British passengers were, as usual, the most common at Alicante Airport, with a total of 509.000 passengers, far away from norweigan, deutch and dutch passengers.

 Alicante Airport also increased a 0,5% its operation numbers, managing a total of 8.341 flights.

 All along the year, Alicante Airport has registered more than 5.900.000 passengers, a 3,6% more than last year at the same lapse of time and 41.600 flights operated at Alicante, an increase of 1,8% from last year.