Italia 2

Good news for Italy-lovers! Due to the recovered interest of Italians on visiting Spain and particularly the White Coast, and of course due to the big interest of Alicante neighbors on visiting Italy, 3 different airlines will offer direct routes with Italian cities.

Alicante be connected since April, with Bergamo (Milan), Venice, Rome, Bologna and Turin. This last connection was confirmed by Vueling yesterday.

Operators have seen a good deal on connecting Alicante and Italy, watching the good results of last year, when nearly 50.000 Italian travelers used Alicante Airport and this years growth expectative, after the 61% of Italian visitors incrementation on January, comparing with the same month of last year.

Alicante Airport has nowadays direct connection with Bergamo (Ryanair) and Rome (Vueling). Since April Venice (Volotea), Bologna (Ryanair) and Turin (Vueling) will be added, resulting on a 60% plus of offer.

As we have written in other posts, the airlines bet on Alicante due to the increment of european tourism, made the Alicante Airport had more tan 10 millions of passengers and this last January an increment of a 7% of the last January 2014 good results have been achieved.