Alicante Airport from Umbrella Parking

Alicante Airport views from Umbrella Parking

The Alicante-Elche Airport recorded 1,018,755 passengers in April, representing a growth of 10.2 percent over the same period of 2015.

 In that period 7,335 flights, 12.7 percent were handled, according to Aena sources have stressed in a statement.

 Countries counting more travelers were United Kingdom with 431,407 passengers; followed by Spain with 111,884; Germany 74,300; Holland, 63,344; Norway, 61,716; Belgium, Sweden with 43,681 and 40,407 travelers.

 Regarding the most numerous flights by nationality, they were those connected with the UK, with 2,736 operations; Spain, 1,271; Germany, 478; Norway, 384; Belgium, Sweden 308 and 234 operations.

 In the year to date they have been recorded 3,059,439 passengers and handled 22,352 flights, which implies an increase of 17.8 percent and 18.6 respectively, compared to the same period of 2015.

 In the section load, the Alicante airport recorded 472.6 tons of goods transported through its facilities, 94.9 percent more than the same month last year in April.

 The cumulative load data is recorded 1805.1 tons of goods, which means 119.9 percentage points higher than in 2015.