Benidorm winter

Alicante has registered the warmest winter since 1955. A proof of that was the 24 degrees maximum registered on February at the Alicante-Elche Airport, the highest of the peninsula. This is the balance made public by the State Meteorological Agency of a station as benign –if we talk about temperatures, because it has rained 80% on average less than normally in the province of Alicante- following a January in which there were only two cold days (17 and 18) and exceeded 25 degrees maximum in Pego.

Sixty one year that there was such a powerful anticyclone over the Mediterranean, a fact that experts linked to two factors: climate change and the strength of the current of the Child, a mass of cold air that is generated every winter in the Pacific and eventually affect atmospheric circulation around the globe. A warm winter, coupled with bad weather in Britain and quotas diverts tourists from Tunisia and Turkey, and made the Alicante-Elche airport recorded its best historical December.

On February, beaches continued to offer, especially in Benidorm, spring prints and, in some cases, summery and Levante Beach midmorning. At night, however, it refreshes and even in many villages of the mountain yesterday dropped five degrees. As to last January, extreme temperatures were marked in Pego, with 25.2 degrees maximum and Villena, with 6.3 degrees below zero minimum. Last month, the average temperature in the province was 13.8 degrees, two higher than normal. And as for the rain, there was only one day of precipitation collected 7.8 liters per square meter, 73% less than normal, according to data of the University Laboratory of Climatology.