The check-in or check-in process corresponds to the last procedure performed by the passenger before taking his flight. It allows the airline to allocate a space on the plane to the passenger and a space in the hold for their luggage. This process can be carried out at the company’s corresponding counters at the airport. However, more and more are choosing to make an online billing. The advantages of pre-check-in, whether from your home or from anywhere with your mobile, are multiple. The first, and more obvious, serves to avoid queues at the airport. In case of not being able to make the billing previously, there is also the possibility of using the autocheck-in machines available at the airport, that will also avoid you queues in the check-in counter.

Advantages of the boarding pass in the mobile and how to use it

Online check-in can be carried out from 24-48 hours before the flight until two hours before. This service, besides confirming the assistance of the passenger, allows in many cases to choose seat in the airplane. To check-in online will suffice with the flight code or locator and the last names of the passenger. Once the billing or check-in is done, the boarding pass will be given to the passenger.

Many people choose to print this boarding pass. However, now the Alicante Airport offers the option to show it through your mobile device. It will contain a 2D code to be displayed at the boarding gate. Using the boarding pass in the cell phone saves time for the passenger, since you do not need to print it. A saving of problems, since you will never forget it since you will have it on your mobile phone. Finally, a paper saving: if we use the boarding pass in the cell phone we help care for the planet.