The castle of Santa Bárbara is in the center of the city, on the Benacantil mountain. It is among the largest medieval fortresses in Spain. If you still do not know what to see in Alicante, certainly, The Castle of Santa Barbara is one of its greatest attractions. History, culture, beauty and wonderful views of the bay of Alicante. To spend an unforgettable day!

Visit to Santa Bárbara Castle

What are you going to find in Santa Bárbara Castle? The castle has three enclosures:

The high enclosure or Torreta

Con the tower of Homage and the oldest remains, from the s. XIV.

The intermediate room

With the Felipe II salon, the Weapons yard, the Guard Corps or the Queen’s bastion.

The inferior enclosure (Revellín de Bon Repós)

Of century XVIII, at the moment it is used like parking. It houses the monument to the military Félix Berenguer de Marquina, viceroy of New Mexico and captain-general of the Philippines. In it different expositions are celebrated throughout the year.

The Museum of the city of Alicante or MUSA

To know the history of the city. Ten exhibition rooms. We also recommend the park of the Ereta or the Face of the Moor.


Interesting facts for the visitor


Adults: 3 euros

Children: free

From 6 to 17 years: 2 euros

More than 65 years: 2 euros


Winter: from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (every day)

Summer April to August): from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

How to get your ticket:

– In the castle

– By telephone: 693 771 105

– Via WhatsApp: 693 771 105

Via email:

How to acceed to the castle

– From (Calle Vázquez de Mella)

– By elevator (Avda. Juan Bautista Lafora, costing 2.70 euros)

Other information:

Restaurant and a newspaper stand.

You know, Castle de Santa Barbara is the first thing you have to visit in Alicante!