There are multiple Destinations from Alicante Airport. In fact, the Altet Airport has established connection with more than 100 different airports, placing itself ahead of Valencia in terms of connections with the countries of north-central Europe. Here you have one of the favorite destinations of travelers from Alicante Airport, which could not be other than Reykjavík.

Must see places in Reykjavík

Iceland is in vogue. The famous Game of Thrones saga has given him a leading role among tourist destinations. If you decide to give a chance to this small great capital of the country, these are the places of compulsory visit.

  1. The hot springs of the Blue Lagoon Outdoor Spa. You will not be able to resist taking a bath!
  2. Laugaveugr. The main artery of the city, where formerly women washed their clothes. Today is the center of the city, street full of bars, shops, hotels restaurants … The best option to eat or go shopping.
  3. The Hallgrimskirkja church. Behind this unpronounceable name lies the tallest church in Iceland at 74.5 meters. Take advantage that you can visit for free! In addition, you can climb to its highest tower and enjoy a panoramic view of the city paying only 700 ISK.
  4. Lake Tjörn. One of the most beautiful areas of the city where you will find the typical houses of colors. In this part of the city is also located the Cathedral of Reykjavik.
  5. Harpa Concert Hall. This auditorium stands out for its impressive facade of glass hexagons.
  6. Solfar, the Sun traveler. Icon of the city where they are, it is a steel sculpture by the artist Jón Gunnar Árnason, which reminds us of a Viking ship.

What are you waiting for to Fly to Reykjavík from Alicante? Pack your bags, Iceland is waiting for you.