In this thread you´ll see how to go from Alicante Airport to Alicante, Elche, Benidorm, Santa Pola, Murcia and Torrevieja city center.

Alicante Airport (ALC) is at El Altet district, 9 km far from Alicante city center and 12 km from Elche city center.



-Bus stops at departures level-

From Alicante Airport to Alicante city center


-Alicante Bus timetable at Alicante Airport-

Alicante Airport is quickly connected with Alicante city center by bus. Bus stop is at the 2nd floor of the Airport, just at the right end of the terminal. 2nd floor is the departures level, so at your arrival you must take the elevator to this level (is the top floor). At this bus stop the line that will drive you to the Alicante center is the C-6, from Subus company. It has stops at the City Center, the Bus Station and the RENFE train station.

It normally takes around 20 minutes and the single ticket costs 3,85 €. The bus depart from the airport each 20 minutes from 6:40 to 23:00 hrs 365 days/year.

Bus Alicante

-C-6 Bus at Alicante Airport-

 Alicante Bus Station is also connected with AVE train Station by Bus Line number 6 each 15 minutes.

Timetable and Stops are available in the links. C-6 line from the Airport to Alicante also offers free wifi.

From Alicante Airport to Elche city center


-Elche Bus timetable at Alicante Airport-

The bus stop that connects Alicante Airport with Elche city center is the same as the bus stop to Alicante city center mentioned before. The company operating this route is Subus with the 1A and 1B lines. The cost of the single ticket from the Alicante Airport to Elche is 1,50 €.

You can see the timetable and the stops here. From monday to friday the frequency of the bus is one hour and it takes around 40 minutes to arrive to Elche city center.

From Alicante Airport to Benidorm


-Benidorm & Murcia and Santa Pola, Arenales, El Altet & San Vicente bus stops at Alicante Airport-

Benidorm is around 58 kms far from the Alicante Airport. Alicante Airport is connected by bus with Benidorm every hour from 8 to 17 hrs and each 2 hours from 17 to 23 hours, taking around 50 minutes of trip.

This route is operated by Alsa and you can have more information at its website. On-line tickets are also available at the website, but can be also bought at the bus.

From Alicante Airport to Murcia

The Alicante Airport – Murcia Bus Stop is the same as the Benidorm one.

Murcia is 73 km far from the Alicante-Elche Airport.

This route is also operated by Alsa and the cost of the single ticket is 5,22 € for the around 55 minutes trip. You can also buy a return ticket with a discount.

You can see the timetable at its website. It has a frequence of 1 or 2 hours, depending on the day.

From Alicante Airport to Torrevieja

 Torrevieja is 44 km south of Alicante Airport.


-Alicante Airport – Torrevieja bus stop-

This line is operated by Costa Azul each two hours from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, taking less than an hour to arrive to Torrevieja. The price of the single ticket is around 7 € and free wifi is available at the bus.

From Alicante Airport to Santa Pola

Santa Pola is only 15 kms away from the Alicante-Elche Airport.

This route, operated by Baile, has different timetables depending on the season, and they are available at its website. The journey only takes around 30 minutes and the price of the single ticket is 2,15 €



 Taxi Stop at Alicante Airport is at the exit of the 0 level at Alicante Airport Terminal. Just getting out of the terminal we´ll see the taxi stop.

Alicante Airport Taxis

-Alicante Airport taxi stop-

The Taxis that operates at Alicante Airport is Radio Taxi Elche, from the city of Elche, as the Airport is located at this city. They are easily recognizable because of their green line at the Hood. Taxis from other locations can be founded at Alicante Airport and this have been reason of clashes between companies.

The aproximated prices of the Taxis from the airport to the different cities are located at the taxi stop. Of course they can vary depending on the final destination.

Precios taxi

-Alicante Airport taxi prices table-

For example, a taxi from Alicante Airport to Alicante can take around 15 minutes and will cost around 22 €, being increased on sundays or holidays.

The price for going to Elche by taxi would be around 26 €, a price that can be also increased up to a 18% on sundays or holidays. This trip will take around 20 minutes.

Going to Benidorm by taxi is much more expensive, as it will take near to 40 minutes to arrive from the Alicante Airport. The price on a labour day would be around 74 €.

Going to Murcia by taxi would be around 90 € and more than 45 trip minutes, going to Torrevieja would be around 55 € and going to Santa Pola would cost around 23 € on a 15 minutes trip.


Alicante Airport has to improve its public transport offer, so if you have a car available it may be the best option to go to the airport.

Alicante Airport is well and easily communicated with the A-7 and the N-332.

Plano Umbrella

-Alicante Airport access roads-

There are some parkings around Alicante Airport, but the best option is Umbrella Parking, as they are cheap, quick, reliable and you can choose between open air, undercovered or indoor parking. Umbrella Parking is quite big and you can park yourself and take the keys with you, so you can be sure that the car won´t be moved to a far unsupervised field.


-Umbrella Parking vans waiting for customers a the parking-

You can park at Umbrella Parking from around 24 € per one week and they drive you quickly to the departures terminal, just in front of bus stops of Alicante and Elche. You can see the Umbrella Parking rates here.

At your arrival, Umbrella Parking will pick you up at the same place where they left you to drive you to the Parking and pick up your car.