Underneath the undeniable trace of the weight of history, beautiful Warsaw blossoms and shines today. The capital of Poland, is one of the destinations that you can choose when you leave your car at the Alicante Airport Parking, that is why we tell you what to see in Warsaw during your trip.

The old town, the so-called Old City, is one of the essential parts of this place that re-emerged from its ashes after the II World War. Patrimony of the Humanity, there you will see places that change according to the time of the year: skating rinks in winter and terraces in summer. In addition, you will find Saint John´s Cathedral the fourteenth century.

At the opposite end, with the name of New Town, another parto fo the city that is not as new as it´s name says, as it´s a neighborhood dating from the fifteenth century. There are still vestiges of the medieval wall surrounding the primitive city and a beautiful statue of one of the most important female figures in history: Marie Curie.

Warsaw, palaces and science.

The Royal Castle is another of the must stops. A visit to its interior and to its surroundings is compulsory, at the same time that you know the Column of Segismundo, all an emblem of the city. From there, part of the Royal Route, a pleasant walk along one of the most famous streets of this little tourist city, where you can see at your own pace buildings such as the Royal Palace, of great historical value.

And if science is your passion, this city has a lot to offer. Warsaw hosts the Copernicus Science Center, a modern science museum, as well as the Palace of Culture and Science. Two of its most important museums to finish a route that will leave you wanting more.