Have you ever traveled by plane? If you’ve never been in one and you have to do it soon, do not worry and do not let panic. There is always a first time for everything. Here are a few tips for traveling by plane for the first time.

Tips for traveling for the first time by plane

Apply this recommendations to your first travel by plane and enjoy your flight.

Before leaving home

– Make sure you have all necessary travel documents in order (identity card, passport, health card and airline ticket).

– Watch out weight and measure of your suitcase. On most flights, especially with low-cost airlines there is a weight and a maximum measures per suitcase. Checking before going to the airport it will be a good idea to avoid surprises.

Take a handbag while traveling and include all the elements that you are going to use during the flight such as books, tablets or mobile phone. Remember that in hand luggage you can not carry or sharp or liquid elements.

Get dressed in comfortable clothes to make your trip a satisfying experience.

On the plane

– Come with at least 2 hours before to the airport.

– Have your ID and Passport always available.

Pay attention to the safety instructions and put them into practice.

– If you have any questions or trouble, call the hostesses. They will help you solve your problems at any time.

Remember that the most important thing is to relax and avoid getting nervous. The airplane is the safest way of transport. So relax and enjoy the ride. In case of traveling from Alicante, the Alicante Airport Parking offers the best parking service for travelers to spend a long time away from home.