The Alicante Airport has changed its 15 minutes picking-up travelers place into a rarely called “Parking express”

After watching that people didn´t respect the 15 minutes allowed for leaving and picking-up travelers at the departures terminal and that people didn´t use the short-term parking near the Terminal, Alicante Airport has decided to control the access of this area with barriers to assure the payment of the cars stopping for more than 15 minutes.

From now, 15 first minutes will continue to be free, but 1st minute after this will have a charge of 1,95 €. The máximum price payable for one day would be 58 €.

IMG_20150721_121949Tarifas express

The Access control will have one barrier with cameras that takes a picture of the registration number and at the exit we find 2 barriers, in order to avoid cars going out together, and other camera to verify the registration number.


As told some months ago, this modification of the departures area has left a cost of more than 100.000 € to AENA.

Umbrella Parking is working as usual, leaving and picking-up customers at the same departures zone, as we take less than 15 minutes in coming in and out of this area.