If you are going to take a trip and the way to the airport is a problem, you probably have not thought about the benefits of having a parking at the airport. The convenience of having your car just get off the plane, so you can continue with your tasks without wasting your valuable time.

Despite the fact that the car parks have very bad reputation in terms of prices, the truth is that you will not go as bad as is said. There are parking facilities outside the airport, such as the Alicante Airport, where, after making your reservation through the web, you can park and, in the Same service, a minibus will take you to the airport. So it is much more affordable and comfortable.

 Helpful tips

If you want to book a place for your car while you are traveling, we give you some tips to book parking that will be of great help and save you time and money. The first thing to keep in mind, when it comes to booking a car park, advancing is the key. We recommend that, as soon as you know of your travel itinerary, proceed with the reservation of the parking, because the sooner you book, the more discounts you will get.

When booking, keep in mind also give yourself a margin to pick up the car. Calculate well the time that will take to arrive and consider that the flight may suffer some delay. So we recommend leaving a wide margin so that you do not have to rush, once you have landed.

Be sure of the cancellation policy and all the details so you do not have any surprises later. If you have doubts, contact the parking staff and find out the best offers for your convenience during your trip. Take a worry-free ride with your car in a safe place.