Each time there are more facilities that the airlines have at our disposal so that the children traveling alone do so with maximum security and comfort. If you find yourself in this situation and still not fully convinced of the idea, you can rest easy and take these tips as a guide to get out of the way.

A companion for your child

The airlines are already adapted in the matter of  host children flying alone. Although it depends on the regulations of each country, in Spain can travel alone children with a minimum of 5 years of age.

To get your child to be accompanied throughout this process, it would be a good idea to report the company in time and contract the service. Normally, they will put at your disposal a hostess who will accompany the child inside the airport and to the destination airport.

It is necessary to not forget the necessary documentation: photocopy of the ID card / passport of the father, mother or guardian, ID / passport of the child and documentation of hiring the service.

 Nerves out

When it comes to a child flying alone, it is best to show calm and confidence to your child. In this way you will transmit it, so that you travel relaxed and enjoy the flight.

Airports are safe and secure places. In the event that you can not accompany your child to safety control, indicate the whole process and advise you about the approximate time in which to perform each action.

Although ideally you can accompany it at least until the security control, since that is the most complex process. You can leave your car at the Alicante Airport Parking and, once there, transfer by bus to the terminal. Accompany your child in the whole process and encourage him to enjoy both the trip in question and the plane ride.