The 2nd chapter of air controllers summer strike will continue next 11st and 12nd of july and 25th and 26th of the same month, due to the bad result of the meetings between the trades union and airport authorities.

The air traffic controllers union, USCA confirmed the next stops scheduled, that will take part from 10 to 13h and again from 17 to 20h. In the mentioned days.

The Alicante Airport, with an 80% of its flights going through Barcelona air space, is particulary affected on any issue concerning at Barcelona Airport, despite the 1st row of stops last 8th, 10th, 12nd and 14th of june didn´t have many influence due to the unjustified minimum services, as USCA claimed. This time the scenario could be even worst as the air controllers will leave their working place on weekends of the highest season.

The Union complains that on the june strike, and despite their efforts to avoid the strike, they received a big indifference in order to achieve a constructive dialogue on part of the government representatives, making impossible any agreement.

The Union reiterates they are open to a dialogue in order to avoid the stops.