Alicante court has rejected the demand of a couple who claimed reimbursement for flight that had to cancel.

In its judgment, the judge ruled that a company “low cost” can not be required to reimburse tickets since on its initial price there is a substantial reduction that excludes them from the application and the general law for these situations.

The plaintiffs claimed to Easyjet return of 351 € of a flight after cancelling their trip to London. The couple bought the tickets through the website of the company planning New Year’s Eve 2014 in the British capital, but they were forced to cancel their trip due to working reasons.

After receiving the refusal of Easyjet to a refund of the ticket, they laid a claim to the company through the Office of Consumer Affairs, denouncing the cancellation of the general conditions in the contract with Easyjet, which stipulates that there will be refunds after 24 hours in any condition.

The judge, however, cited a recent case at the “low cost” airline industry, which already won an appeal filed by the Office of Consumer due to the low price of the ticket and found a significant reduction in the price .

On the other hand, 10 other travelers had a better experience with Easyjet, finding the 10 tickets that the company, in conjunction with the Office of Tourism of Alicante, hide throughout the Alicante Airport. The company announced through social networks that 10 tickets to fly to any destination operated by Easyjet from Alicante Airport where hidden and the impact of this campaign had a great success which concentrated a large number of people at the airport, looking for the hidden ticket.