If you are passionate about music and fly your spirit, this is your post. Today we bring you some tips so that your musical instruments do not stop being your best companions of trip in your flights by the world.

 Hire a baggage insurance

If you travel with your guitar, violin or saxophone, for example, it´s worthy to pay a little more and hire a service that secures your musical material. We are not talking about traveling with a grand piano, but any musician should be able to travel with his instruments and the companies would have to facilitate it.

 Request information from your company

A good idea is that you previously request information to your airline. They will advise you and indicate the rates and possible restrictions. Flying with your instruments is easier than it sounds. You only have to inform yourself of the general regulatory regulation before any problem that the companies can put you. Remember that this establishes that they are considered hand luggage.

 Protect your instruments

It is convenient that you carry your instruments in some case, to be able, be rigid. They are made of a sturdy material and its interior is lined and padded. Your instrument will rest comfortably and protected from blows. Make sure it is in good condition after the flight.

 Identify your luggage as fragile

The last advice we bring you is the identification of fragile luggage with stickers, prior notice to the company or the hiring of any special service. It is always convenient for you yourself to ensure that your instruments are perfectly stored in their sheaths.

At Alicante Airport Parking we offer you the best services. We are very careful with your instruments and luggage and punctuality is our greatest commitment. Enjoy your flight without giving up your best partner and live the music!