Alc Airport

Alicante-Elche Airport closes the month of may with an increase of a 4,1% comparing with 2014´s may, as a result of its best historic register on the 5th month of the year.

More than a million of passenger came through the Alicante Airport facilities at the more than 7000 flights operated last month, a 3% more than 2014´s may.

This big increase has been posible thanks to the reactivation of the internal tourism, as the number of spanish passengers increased a 5,9% till arriving to the 100,000 passengers.

Of course, the strengh of Alicante at the tourism international market continues being the main engine of the Alicante Airport, as the number of international passengers that visited the airport was bigger than 915,000.

As usual, british citizens where the main ones this month, being nearly the 50% of the total amount of passengers.

Other travelers that used frequently the airport where from Germany, Holland, Norway, Belgium and Sweden, with more than 40,000 travelers each.

This good numbers at may confirm the uptrend of the Alicante Airport particullarly and the tourism market generally, as after a good “Holly Week” with very positive registers and the best registers of the airport of the year, a good summer season is expected at the sector.