The truth is that once you know the VIP lounges of the airport, it is increasingly difficult to stay out of them when you are going to make a flight. Almost all airports in Spain, have at least one VIP room in the area intended for boarding. These rooms are places that are conditioned to get a more comfortable passenger waiting before your flight in case you have to stop for transit to another place.

What VIP lounges offer

Not all of them have the same offer of services and do not apply the same price or schedule. Usually they are in charge of the company that manages the airport or one of the existing airlines.

There are times that access to these airport services is free; For example, if you have a ticket in a preferred class, first class or business class. Also some companies include access to these Vip rooms to enjoy their advantages through the loyalty card provided to some passengers. Many frequent travelers have cards that allow entry to these reserved areas. In addition, there are banks that have this service available to their customers. In most cases, any of these groups is allowed access with a companion.

If you do not belong to these groups or another type that has these facilities, you have to pay an amount depending on the airport and the time that you are going to stay at the VIP room. The boarding pass is requested in order to make the payment.

At the Alicante Airport where there is a lot of English tourism searching the sun of the Valencian Community, there is a considerable number of passengers that use the services of this room. But, not only this type of tourist appreciates the possibility of holding the wait in very pleasant conditions; There are each time more national travelers accessing this reserved area. Without a doubt, having the possibility to enjoy a catering with different types of drinks and meals, have several proposals for reading and Wifi zone to entertain or work if needed, is a very tempting offer. If, in addition, you travel with children, television or different games can help to pass these moments of waiting that sometimes they become eternal to them. In this airport also the stay of animals is allowed.

We can not forget that, after the Canary Islands, Andalusia and Catalonia, the Valencian Community is also the preferred destination by the Irish public to spend a few days on holidays. Having these airport services is a plus that brings value and many passengers appraise it.