Our parking at Alicante Airport is a perfect place to start a fun stay in Benidorm. In the Spanish city of skyscrapers you will find countless water activities to spend unforgettable days.

How to have fun on the coast of Benidorm 

The coast of Benidorm is a natural environment that offers many activities for lovers of water sports. For example:

Kayaking. An entertainment for all ages, relaxing and invigorating. You will be able to approach inaccessible places with these canoes that have more and more followers. Remember that you can go on an individual kayak, but there are also for two or more people.

Submarinism. There is a lot of life under the water and many breathtaking landscapes. Take a good water proof camera and take a testimonial of the experience. There are initiation classes so you can take your first steps or, better, to do your first dives.

Waterskiing. Adrenaline to blossom with this action movie activity. In the beach of the Corner of Loix, you have services to practice it with the skyscrapers in the background. If you like strong emotions, here’s a guaranteed fun.

‘Kitesurf’. If the previous activity put the batteries, this recharges them. Kitesurfing is surfing by taking advantage of a kind of kite fastened with a harness that helps sliding on the water. Of course, in addition to sliding, you will soon be trying jumps and pirouettes. Like surfing, the more you try it, the more you want to keep practicing it.

‘Wakeboard’. If you go on Easter, on Levante beach you will find fans of this mixture of water skiing and skateboarding. Wakeboarding is considered a risk sport, but if you like strong emotions, you will surely enjoy it to the fullest.

In addition to these exciting activities, there are others perfect for group entertainment and for the whole family, such as sailing, cable skiing or the hilarious banana boat. Along the coast of Benidorm you will find all kinds of services to practice your favorite hobby in the calm waters that bathe this Levantine city.

Alicante, the best option to start enjoying the Levantine coast

The best way to enjoy the coast of Benidorm is to take a short break to Alicante. You will have two unique destinations very close together in one trip. Alicante is the second largest city of the Valencian Community and also has beaches and coves perfect to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. It also has a historical and cultural heritage worth visiting. It is a good starting point to start your visit to this part of the Mediterranean coast and enjoy all the water activities that you have at your fingertips.