If you are thinking about taking a trip and you are going to leave from Alicante Airport, there are endless destinations that you can meet. From the most famous to hidden places that will surprise you. Nothing is better than traveling, shed everything for a few days and enter other worlds and other cultures.

Today we recommend you to leave the car at the Alicante Airport Parking and look for a unique experience. Dare to travel to Cardiff from Alicante, the Welsh capital where you can find the peace you need to leave behind the stress of everyday life and find unique places full of history.

Once you have decided that you want to visit the capital of Wales, it is time to order our ideas and plan the itinerary. You will not be hard to find many things to see in Cardiff, but thanks that its small town, it is a perfect destination for short trip, where with a walking tour we can cover the whole city.

Cardiff Castle is one of the main attractions of this city. It is a place with a mix of styles that will surprise you and impress you. This extravagant castle is one of those places where, when the tour ends, you don´t know if you liked it or not, but you do feel totally surprised. Definitely worth a visit.

Another excursion preferred by the bravest is to take a ghost tour of Cardiff. An incredible storyteller will take you on a journey through countless stories that run through the city.

In Cardiff we can also find other attractions such as Millennium Stadium or Techniquest, for those who love to remember the child they carry inside.