Thousands of travelers have found serious complications in airports throughout Western Europe during the day on Sunday, in many cases they were about to begin their Easter holidays. The reason: delays and flight cancellations caused by the controllers’ strike in France which will last for 48 hours, according to the announcement made by the unions last Friday.

Only at Valencia airport on Sunday there were a dozen annulments, both arrival and departure, which has increased at Alicante Airport with more than twenty cancellations.

Specifically, Valencia airport have been canceled arrivals and Dusseldorf, Hahn, Dublin, Rome and Paris departures. Also, there have been delays of several hours in more than a dozen flights.

At Alicante-Elche Airport, the affected destinations are Stockholm, Oslo, Birmingham, London, Copenhagem, Amsterdam, Gothenburg, Nuremberg, Brussels, Manchester, Oslo, London and Leicestershire; in some cases more than one flight planned from different companies. Delays of up to 7 hours have been another constant.

Aena had warned of strikes in air traffic control in France between 20 and 22 March due to the Gauls controllers strike, protesting the downsizing. However, it had not specified which lines would be affected. At 14 hours he reported that their airlines canceled 21 flights between Spain and France: twelve flights to Barcelona (six to and six bound for Barcelona), seven to Madrid (three of arrival and four departures) and two to Seville (one arrival and one departure).

Although the public company indicated additional delays in flights between Spain and Britain and some countries in northern Europe due to incidents flying over French territory, confident that most lines will continue operating normally. There is also no specificity about what will happen the next few days. However, they still provide two days of incidents at airports until Tuesday, when it is scheduled to cease the strike.

The strike has particularly affected passengers were preparing to start their Easter holidays as those returning to their homes from different parts of Europe after spending the weekend.

One of the biggest airports with flights affected is that of Ciampino (Rome), where about 300 Spaniards still waiting for a solution already in the early hours of Monday after the cancellation of half a dozen flights of Ryanair.