Last week police arrested a passenger on a Jet2 flight from Glasgow to Alicante.

It seems this person was going to Benidorm with a group of friends on a bachelor party and despite the early hour of the flight had already consumed enough alcohol before it. At flight, the group began to raise his voice and began to disturb other passengers, jumping and running through the halls, and even confronting to other passengers.

The aircraft commander, despite the disorder, decided to continue the flight to Alicante, contacting the airport before arriving warning about the incident.

This group was lucky, as in on another occasion in a similar situation the commander decided to land in Paris to leave the person who was bothering other passengers to continue the flight without him.

Upon landing, the Civil Guard was waiting for the opening of doors to proceed to the arrest the person who was heading the facts, who spent a couple of hours arrested and could continue with the party after that .

As Spain has become one of the preferred party destiny of young groups europeans, these events occur with reative frequency on flights from Scotland to the touristics places in Spain, so companies like Ryanair have decided not to serve alcohol on flights from Glasgow to Ibiza.