Chocolate is a real pleasure … In Europe, you can enjoy chocolate like nowhere else in the world. Do you want to know some of the curious destinations from Alicante Airport?


The European Chocolate Route

 In Lyon, Bernachon

 They make their own chocolate and toast the cocoa beans. Some of his bombons are considered the best in France. Their star desserts: Les Palets d’Or and Lé President.

Vilnius: the AJ Šokoladinės

 Delicious pralines, truffles and all kinds of delicacies. We highlight his hot chocolate, incredibly rich, like few in Europe. As a curiosity, we tell you that they have an entire room coated with chocolate. Among its most original chocolates, the blue chocolate and hazelnut praline.

 The Angelina of Paris

 Although Paris has great chocolatiers in any area and it is difficult to choose only one, we have opted for the Angelina. It is famous for its African hot chocolate and Mont Blanc, the emblem cake of the house. Tremendously chic.

 The Choccywoccydoodah of London

 It is a true story for “older children.” In Choccywoccydoodah you can order the most spectacular pies you can find in your life. If you do not need a cake, you can take only one serving at Carnaby’s or Brighton’s.

 The Cocoa Sampaka of Barcelona

 Just 10 minutes from Las Ramblas, you will find all kinds of chocolates. We recommend your Aztec hot chocolate with nothing more and nothing less than 80% of exquisite spiced cocoa. In addition their selection of pastries and fruit to get wet … has no waste. If parts of Alicante, bet on the Parking of the Alicante Airport.

 The Amedei of Tuscany

 A family business that takes great care of your chocolate. Alessio Tessieri is dedicated to traveling around the world in search of the best chocolate. For her part, her sister Cecilia obtains with that chocolate the best and most elegant tablets you can find. 100% ecological.