Tenerife is one of those dream paradises you can visit at any time of year. Alicante airport offers regular flights to this destination with all the facilities, as you can find a good parking up for long term, making everything easier as you only have to worry about discovering the various corners that Tenerife offers flying from Alicante.


What to visit on your trip Tenerife

1. Los Gigantes and Punta del Teno. Guanche known in time for “Wall of Hell”, these cliffs are the most spectacular places on the island. True vertical walls up to 600 meters high and, if you look into the depths, about 30 meters extend. It is also an area of great underwater riches, which take a dip, kayaking excursions or enjoy whale watching.

2. Teide National Park. Chairing the park is the Teide volcano at 3,718 meters, the highest peak in Spain. Visit an unforgettable experience because of its unbeatable views, including the famous Roque strap.

3. Bollullo, Los Patos and Ancon beaches. Its main feature is its black sand and natural charm, making them some of the most beautiful of all Tenerife.

4. Teresitas Beach. This beach of fine white sand is one of the most visited. It was originally black sand, but in the 70s it was reconstructed with sand from the Sahara.

5. Masca. This charming and magical town will fascinate you. Enjoy a path through the Barranco de Masca to admire its beautiful scenery and local cuisine test, a real treat with dishes like potatoes with mojo, the chickpeas, old clothes or escaldón.

Just a few hours from Alicante airport, you have this beautiful island that will offer great options of nature, culture, art and gastronomy.