One of the most popular tourist destinations is flying to Frankfurt from Alicante, not only for the ease of hiring Airport Parking at Alicante with Umbrella Parking, but by the diversity of treasures and activities that the German city has. Join us in this brief Frankfurt trip!


For the urbanite tourist

We started at the business area visit as it´s the fastest one. We went up in the Meno Tower, with its incredible panoramic (200 meters high) to sitúate ourselves in Frankfurt.

At ground level again we can board the Ebbelwei Express, a modern tram that will make our visit to Frankfurt more original and fun. Once on it we will see the Römerberg area, a set of historic buildings, including City Hall, which has witnessed the history of Germany. If it’s December, we can see the busy Christmas market.

The Collegiate Church of St. Bartholomew also offers stunning views and a building full of history, as Goethe House.

We got off the tram and tenure on the shore of Museums, the Grüngürtel-Mainufer-Konzeption. Built in 1973, it gathers on the Main some of the most important art galleries in Germany.

Traveling with family


The Palmengarten is also known as the Garden of Palms: an idyllic setting, a sample of the cultural richness and values of the Germans, and a variety of activities for the whole family and all expectations (concerts, exhibitions, guided tours , etc.).

Zoo Frankfurt am Main

 Yes, a zoo. Just a resource? Not in Frankfurt, as it allows you to discover nocturnal animals in their own habitat. A definitely worthy experience. Frankfurt Zoo sells a family pack with a small fee: 25 euros.

 Do you fancy flying to Frankfurt from Alicante?