Families are changing and so does family holidays. Thanks to low-cost airlines and children under two years of age have a very low fare on air tickets, more and more dads and moms choose to fly with babies to make long distance plans. Because it would be a shame not to be able to show them in the future that they were with us in that dreamed trip that we will remember for the posterity, on the next lines we give you some advice so that never again you have to consider if flying with children is the best idea.

 Flying is enjoyable

Confirm, on time, the type of documentation you need for them, depending on whether the flight is national or international.

Arrive on time, because for safety reasons, it is not allowed to check in online for children under 2 years.

From the Alicante Airport Parking we´ll help you to get to your terminal very easily. You just have to leave your car and we will bring you and yours to your billing terminal.

The airline staff will direct you to the seats reserved for adults traveling with children.

It is convenient to calculate approximately how much hand luggage you will need for the baby: diapers, wipes, blanket (it would be much better if you have a familiar smell) and some toy to entertain the trip.

Finally, our princes always want and will claim the simplest: our attention. So, above all, do not forget to pack a good dose of patience, because the nerves that we spend all in the air are no less for them. Do you remember the first time you boarded a plane?

We hope and wish that with these tips everything would be much easier next time You have to plan a trip with the little ones.