Oftenly our pets are our best friends, this is the reason why sometimes it costs so much to say goodbye to them at the Alicante Airport Parking, when making a trip. And, if we had the choice, we would take them everywhere. In the event that we are going to travel by plane, there is the possibility of taking our pets, as long as we meet certain requirements.

Requirements for traveling with pets on the plane

Flying with pets is allowed on most airlines, but each one has different regulations and not all animals are accepted. A common requirement for flying with animals is that they must have the veterinary passport in order. In it, the animal to be traveled must be clearly identified and the vaccines necessary for the trip must have been applied. Therefore, it is especially important to first inquire about whether the country of destination has special regulations for the Entrance of animals.

In the case of Vueling for example, the passenger may hire the transport service of  pets (except rodents and lagomorphs ), During the booking process, for a price of € 25 on peninsular flights and € 40 on international flights to the Canary Islands. In the case of dogs, they must go in a cabin (specifically, in the space for hand luggage that is under the seat) and have a limitation by weight of 8 kg maximum. In addition, it will be necessary to take our pet in a conditioned transport, which has a good ventilation and impermeable soil, in which the containers of food and drink are well protected, to avoid their spillage.

This regulation is different in each airline, so it is essential, before traveling, to review all the necessary details so that our pets can fly with us.