If you like to travel and you are quite used to do it, you should know that saving money while you are abroad is always wellcome, and transport takes a big amount of money in total! This leads us to think of cheaper alternatives and one of them may be the use of the bicycle.

Many European cities encourage their citizens to use this option as an alternative to avoid traffic jams and pollution, as well as to promote a healthy life by practicing sport.

Fly with your bike

You have to lose the fear of flying with special luggage, such as your bicycle. The Alicante Airport Parking makes life easier, because it allows us to leave our vehicle and transports us to the terminal so that, once we reach our destination, we can use the bicycle with all the comfort possible.

A destination like Amsterdam, to give an example of a special destination, will make you aware of the advantages that can have the daily use of the bicycle. We avoid the loss of time in traffic jams or waiting for public transport, besides we will do a favor to our organism every day while we enjoy this city with so much charm.

 How to do it?

From Vueling, this process becomes quite easy. To hire the transport of our faithful companion through its web has no greater complication and, besides, it gives us some tips for an optimal transport, without complications or losses of materials.


Protect changes and brakes or identify it with our personal data are some of the steps you will have to follow to be able to fly with your bike.

As you can see, it’s not that complicated! Cheer up and join a carefree life, so opt for a special trip.