Maleta IATA

International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved the reduction of the cabin bag measurements, changing the actual 56x45x25 cm to a reduced 55x35x20, claiming for a “improvement of customer service” just because it´s supposed to be an standard measure for all the airlines.

This decisión has been taken at the last assembly of all the airlines belonging to this organism, that had place in Miami a few days ago.

This measures are even smaller than the actual Ryanair ones, that actually are 55x40x20.

The IATA responsable of cargo, Tom Windmuller, defends that “the optimum size for the cabin bag accorded will bring common sense” but in fact this measures accorded are smaller than the actual bags that nearly all the passengers use nowadays.

According to IATA, many airlines have seen the approval as “interesting” and will introduce this new measures soon. Around 40 airlines are expected to introduce this changes in a short future.

IATA´s proposal is included in a program launched by the association, but it´s not compulsory for the airlines, that are the ones that finally establish their cabin bags policy.