Conexion wifi aeropuertos

Eurona wireless telecom has just finished the free wifi serivice implementation at the 46 airports and 2 heliports of AENA´s network in Spain. Spanish airports offered only 30 minutes of free wifi before this implementation, which connected over 8.000.000 passengers last 2014.

Free unlimited wifi was available at the 12 airports involved at the 1st tests phase last October. In addition to this free service, Eurona will continue offering an extra charged service with a faster connection to passengers that would require it.

This implementation situates Spanish airports at the head connectivity, beating airports as Dubai, Gatwick, Brussels and Sao Paulo, and solving a problem that the OCU already highlighted, concerned about the poor availability of free wifi at spanish airports and train stations.

This new service, initially awarded for two years and renewable for a third one, will serve over 200 million users annually, after AENA announced it would offer a free wifi connection at a 4 times higher speed they had so far. This has been posible thanks to this tender. It has been necessary a redefinition of airport networks, especially in Madrid and Barcelona where half the passengers passing through the peninsula are concentrated to reach this availability.

According to a Kubi Wireless report, consumption data at Spanish airports soared last year, arriving to an 85% increase in Madrid-Barajas and one of 68% in the Barcelona-El Prat in summer pick points. Wifi hotspot also increased a 21% last year.

This contract situates Eurona as the global leader in managing wireless services at airports and strengthens the growth of their hotspot area business, which predicted to reach revenues of about 45 million euros over the next three years, as highlighted by the company.