Huelga controladores

Air traffic controllers have supported the partial strikes of this past weekend, which has had a low incidence, like the recent stops of this month.

Despite being fully backed strike by controllers, low incidence of strikes have been due to high minimum services (80%) imposed by the Ministry of Development and the compliment of them by USCA, as ENAIRE has informed to Efe press agency.

Until 20:00 on July 25 5007 flights operated in the Spanish airspace, more than the 80% scheduled for that day.

As on the other four days of strikes called by USCA, the aim of this stops is to order the removal of sanctions imposed on 61 drivers Barcelona by the closure of airspace in 2010 and the reinstatement of a professional fired in Santiago by the same events over four years.

The USCA spokesman, Susana Romero, said to Efe that the 80% minimum services are only on paper, since in fact over 90% in operating personnel, reaching 100% in Santiago de Compostela, Asturias and the Canary Islands.

These minimum services compared to services 50% settled in France in the last Gauls controllers strike and 33% of minimum services in the romanian controllers strike on July 15, shows the intransigence with which it is bringing the conflict Ministry of Development, that USCA is acomplishing at the moment, fortunately for travelers

From USCA remain open to dialogue in order to solve this conflict and warn that despite having completed their calls for strike, the protest does not end here, so if ENAIRE still not reach an agreement, the Union may take measures and maybe this time more visible to users.