MEPs from the European liberal group (ALDE) celebrated the end of roaming rates agreed between operators in Belgium and Luxembourg, and demanded the extension of this measure to other countries of the European Union as soon as possible.

ALDE leader Guy Verhofstadt on the subject of agreement between Amsterdam and Brussels on April 30, said: “These are very good news. The operators from other EU countries should follow Belgium and Luxembourg, that are providing added value for citizens and businesses. “

“It’s the way they should go the other EU countries, which already takes to get rid of the barriers for citizens and businesses,” he added.

This agreement will allow mobile users to avoid an extra expense when traveling to another country of the European Union. The EU is processing a new law calling for a reduction from June, but the European Commission calls for the elimination of this supplement.

The European Parliament urges remove these charges from December 15 and charge the same rates for voice and data regardless of the EU country in which the user is located, but is encountering opposition from the operators.