If you travel to Alicante and you have a few days to visit the city do not hesitate to include in your list of sites the singular Island of Tabarca. There are many to see in Alicante, but none will make you feel as the Island of Tabarca.

The Island of Tabarca is the only habited island of the Valencian Community and one of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean. The island, 1,800 meters long and 400 meters wide, is a particularly quiet place with a relaxed atmosphere, which becomes the ideal one day visit.

The waters bordering the island, thanks to its high quality, together with the considerable biodiversity of its fauna and flora have contributed to the island for being recognized as Marine Reserve of the Mediterranean Sea.

What to see in Tabarca

Getting lost in Tabarca is the best option. Walking around the streets that make up its urban nucleus is the best plan to take a stroll after eating and sheltering in the shade. You cannot go without tasting the “caldero”, the island’s typical dish.

The island was declared in 1964 as a Historical-Artistic Complex due to the vestiges of the high-imperial era and of the 19th century. The visit to the wall that runs through the island is totally compulsory and there you will find three doors: the door of Levante or San Rafael, the door Locked or San Gabriel and the door of Tierra or San Miguel.

It is also recommended the visit to the Tower of San José, which in the nineteenth century served as a prison, as well as the wonderful lighthouse, which is one of the most picturesque places on the island.

And, of course, the bath in some of its crystalline water coves is amust thing to do.

Getting to Tabarca

Tabarca is only accessible by boat. From the city of Alicante you can take a boat in the Marina, on the Tomás y Valiente´s promenade. The time of the crossing is about one hour.

In summer there are four services to travel to Tabarca: at ten, at eleven, at twelve fifteen and at one and a quarter in the afternoon. However, for the return there are only three trips: at four-thirty, five-thirty and six-thirty.

In winter the service of transport to the Island of Tabarca is reduced considerably, to a daily trip, that leaves at 11 in the morning from Alicante towards the island and at four and a half from the island to Alicante city.

If you do not want to use public boats that operate by bus mode, you can hire the services of a catamaran, which will take you and bring you to the island at the agreed time.