If you are a passenger with reduced mobility and you have doubts about what service is offered at the airport of Alicante when making a trip, pay attention because as a passenger you have the right to specific assistance regulated by the European Parliament.

Characteristics of the PMR service

Is a totally free service of care and assistance destined to all the people who are going to make a trip, or they are on transit to another flight at the airport, and have some type of disability or reduced mobility, whether permanent or circumstantial. This service for people with reduced mobility at Alicante Airport is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Children aged between 5 and 12 years (unaccompanied) traveling alone, pregnant women, and passengers who are sick or in need of care, such as a recent surgical operation, plaster legs, an infarction or circulatory disorders, Lung disease or respiratory failure, and chronic sinusitis or ear infections can also claim for this service.

The PMR Alicante Airport Service must be requested at least 48 hours in advance of the flight that you are going to take, so that it can be organized and you can enjoy it once you arrive at the airport.You can request by Internet or Telephone numbers: 902 404 704 and / or (+34) 91 321 10 00. Remember that you must also notify the airline you are traveling with or the tour operator you have hired.

What is PMR Service?

Assistance to people with Reduced Mobility Alicante Airport has three services that can benefit when catching a flight. There are different PMR meeting points:

Plant -2, Exterior sidewalk.

Floor 0, Exterior Access of Arrivals.

Floor 2, Exit Sidewalk.

Floor 2, Hall of Departures.

Floor 2, Boarding area.

Floor 2, Hall of Departures.

Floor 2, Boarding area.

Once you arrive to the airport, you should go to any PMR collection point at Alicante Airport. From there, the operator assigned to you will be in charge of helping you with your luggage, will accompany you to the check-in desk and help you make the necessary arrangements. It will then take you to pass the security checkpoint or customs, and will take you to the boarding area. Once it starts, the operator will help you boarding and take you to the seat you have assigned inside the plane.

At your arrival to your destination, the service will be the same, but picking up. They will help you get off the plane and carry your carry-on luggage. Afterwards you will be taken to the baggage claim area, transfer to the departure terminal and collection point PMR. If you need to make a connection with another flight, the service is the same.