If you are planning a trip from Alicante Airport, you must know what items you can carry with you as carry-on luggage and what Others must check or land. We encourage you to park your vehicle in the Parking of Alicante Airport and take the flight to your next adventure, but read these tips before, not to find nasty surprises when registering your luggage.


One of the most important limitations when traveling with our carry-on luggage is the one referring to liquids, gels, pastes or creams. You can carry small boats with a maximum capacity of 100 ml. These boats should come in a bag or a transparent bag. Within these limitations, fluids such as water, soft drinks, syrup or juice are included; And also pastes or creams, such as moisturizing cream, baby lotion, shaving foam or toothpaste. Once you have passed the security controls, you can buy water and other liquids in the airport’s stores.

Sharp objects

There is no exhaustive list of specific dangerous objects that can not be brought onto the plane, although common sense tells us that sharp, sharp or dangerously sharp objects that are potentially dangerous can not travel with us in hand luggage . Basically, it is any object that can be used in order to endanger the safety of passengers. If you have any doubts about items such as sports sticks or accessories, we advise you to consult the airport staff.

Hazardous substances

There is a serious rule on hand luggage and, in order to preserve the safety of passengers, substances such as acids, nebulizers, radioactive material, infectious material, flammable material, combustible material, disabling material or poisons are prohibited.


Obviously, in regulations that are framed in security, it is not allowed to ship with firearms, reproductions or imitations of firearms or parts derived from firearms. You also can not carry guns that launch any kind of projectile, be it pellets, balls or even compressed air. Harpoons, animal guns, crossbows, or electric guns are also forbidden.


You can take with you the medicines you use regularly and you need. Therefore, cabin baggage regulations state that some medications are exempt from the basic limitations of liquids, although this is not the case with any type of medicine. If you think you may need your liquid medication during the flight, we advise you to take the prescription, if it is required. For solid drugs in normal use, there is no problem, although it is advisable to accompany them from the prescription or a document signed by a doctor.