As announced on the corporation website Ryanair is going to stablish a new base at Berlin in order to increase the flight numbers in this airport, being Alicante one of the 16 new routes scheduled. This route will have 3 weekly flights.

In addition to this, Ryanair also announced their intention of increase the number of flights for this next season of Winter 2015/16 (Alicante´s Airoport low season) with the inclusion of this new route and the increase of flights of the standing routes as the Alicante-Dublin one, that will increase from 3 to 5 weekly flights or the Alicante – Edinburgh that will increase from 2 to 3 weekly flights.

Taking into account the good passenger numbers of these first months of the year, and the strongness on the bet of the rest of the airlines with Alicante Airport, at least maintaining or increasing their total flight numbers, Alicante Airport´s numbers are quite optimistic, hoping to overcome loosely the 10.000.000 passengers that used the airport last year.