Traveling is one of the most exciting activities of life. However, it also has some drawbacks. One of the main is to sleep on long trips and get to our destination rested.

Long faces in the parking Alicante Airport

Many travelers dont sleep well while flying. We can check this seeing at the Alicante Airport Parking some tired faces of that  indicate they don´t know some of the existing ways to achieve sleep on the plane. Take note.

Tips and accessories to sleep on the plane

Noise and light disturbances are very common in the aircraft. To avoid these distractions, it is essential to bring ear plugs and an eye mask to create a feeling conducive to sleep.


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Nor should we forget the position of our body, so that the cervical pillow is another classic that can not miss in our hand luggage.

A last accessory is the clothes we wear, which is recommended to be comfortable and well traspire to prevent excessive sweating.

Besides the aforementioned, there are certain habits that will also help us sleep better. One of them is to avoid the scales to sleep at a stretch. Although jet lag is inevitable, it is also better to travel at night to continue our normal sleep rhythm.

As for the location of our seat, it is preferable to avoid the bathroom nearby, as well as the hall. Conversely, seats attached to the window or the door emergency are the most recommended.

One last tip: avoid drinking alcohol or eating a heavy meal before bedtime.

With these recommendations, sure passengers arriving to the parking of Alicante-Elche airport will do so with a more relaxed gesture and begin their stay on the right foot.