Many of us love travelling and it´s well known the benefits of this experiences: New cultures, disconnect from work and be carried away by the magic of knowing a new site. Moreover, some people travel often because of their work and spend time in remote countries for business. Whether for pleasure or obligation, taking a plane is getting much more usual and long trips usually can be tedious, so we give you some tips for long trips by plane.

 Choosing seat. It would be a good idea to choose a correct seat, either online or, at the airport, you can leave the car early at the and Airport Parking to arrive before to choose a good seat. If you want space, it is best to choose seats emergency exits and, if already occupied, take one of hallway. You can stretch your legs better.

 Get dressed for the occasion. Wear comfortable clothing is essential for the flight as comfortable as possible. We recommend you not to wear tighten clothes; Maybe it loose clothing to allow you to move better. Remember also to bring comfortable shoes, since feet tend to swell on the plane.

 Carry everything you need to avoid getting bored. Remember to pick up books, games or whatever you prefer to make your ride through the plane enlivened as possible. Don´t be sit all the time; it is good to stretch your legs and take a walk around the plane.

 Get ready for rest. For long trips would be nice for you to take sleep kit with eye mask, pillow and blanket. This way, you get to feel comfortable resting.

 Drink water. Hydrate is essential to feel good both the travel and jet lag. If you drink water and avoid alcohol you will feel much better.