Tourism in Alicante has much more to offer apart from sun and beach. In this community there is the well-known Monte Montgrí Natural Park, declared as such in 1987, located in the Comarca of Marina Alta, at the north of the Alicante province, distributed between Jávea and Denia and its extension covers about 2500 hectares.

Pare Pere´s hermitage

Its visit, compulsory for hiking and nature lovers, will not leave indifferent to all those tourists who wish to breathe fresh air in a care environment.

 A place full of contrasts

 The Natural Park of Montgo combines the beauty of the sea with the imposing nature of its massive limestone that stands on the coast at a maximum height of 753 meters. As for the flora that can be found there, it is estimated that there are more than 600 endemic species, making it an important botanical reference within the national panorama.

On the way from the coast to the top there are several attractions with a great visual impact as is the case of the cavities there, the main and most beautiful being the so-called Cave of Water. Likewise, to enjoy the landscape in all its splendor, it is recommended to reach the top and stand to enjoy sighting the island of Ibiza.

Take special care if you walk near the cliffs, as it is a recommended route as you can observe the richness of existing fauna, such as the yellow-legged gull, birds of prey, cormorants, eagles, hawks, owls and kestrels. Likewise, among all the extension of the park you can enjoy a great variety of mammals like the wild boar, the badger, the dormouse, the fox, the weasel or the jineta. Also, if you pay special attention, you may also notice the existence of reptiles such as lizards and snakes.

And for archeology and history lovers, the park also has vestiges of the Old Age and ruins of archaic infrastructure. This is the case of the contrast between the remains of the Iberian settlements and the Arab sites. There is also an area where prehistoric caves are located and there is a belief that they are refuges of the agricultural communities for the remains found there.

Last but not least, a curious fact: it corresponds to the use of the caves, on the one hand by the Romans to supply water to a blockade of their army, and on the other hand, by the Arabs who Came to build a dam for storage and several networks of irrigation channels for distribution.

In short, a must visit especially when you do not know what to visit in Alicante. There are also several ways to access the park that can inform you in the Alicante Airport Parking.