The entry into force of the new EU rules regarding baggage, caused long lines last weekend to pass through passport control at the Alicante Airport. Despite the increase of staff prepared to avoid this situation, as announced by the director of the Network of Airports AENA, the time required to pass control increased 45 minutes on average, that travelers waited patiently.

As recorded by the rules, from now on new baggage inspections will include the control of every electronic device, so it ´s required to get them out of the suitcase at the control.

It is estimated that this EU directive binding has an annual cost to AENA around 17 million euros.

These inspections are more exhaustive when travelling to the US, where electronic devices are required to have the battery charged, as noted by the Transportation Security Administration of the US in a statement.

This new regulation is caused because “it has been shown that terrorists are developing new models of hiding improvised explosive at devices, in order to counteract the existing aviation security measures in relation to baggage screening hand.