Whether due to lack of experience (or excess of experience), by carelessness that we do unconsciously or by rushing, on many occasions we make big mistakes when traveling by plane that can ruin the trip or the stopovers and waits in the airports. For this reason, we offer you some tips to enjoy a trip without mishaps and in a quiet way.


Some Tips to Enjoy Travelling by Air


About the most important airline travel tips, some of them have to be applied when preparing our trip, such as luggage planning. We advise you to organize your luggage in an organized way, informing you about airport rules on prohibited objects to avoid setbacks.

Also, identify correctly your luggage, especially if your suitcase is a very common color. There are millions of black, blue or red suitcases around the world! At the same time, to prevent theft, be sure to lock your suitcase tightly.

To avoid setbacks, or even to stay on the ground, it is essential to check in advance that the ticket details are correct, as well as our documentation, ID and passport. Make sure it is in force with time!

As for the procedures and the waiting time, if possible, it is always better to check in online, to avoid long queues and possible overbooking. Nominally, the online invoice period starts between 24 and 48 hours before the flight.

In the same way, it always arrives with enough time to the airport to be able to carry out all the procedures without mishaps. On the other hand, do not arrive with too much waiting time, especially if your trip is with stopovers. Very long waits at the airport can be a torture! You also have to plan ahead with transportation to the airport. You can count on services that take you from your parking lot to the terminal like the one that we offer at the Alicante Airport Parking, for more comfort.

Among the tips to follow in a mandatory way is to stay calm and don´t get angry with the airport staff. We all stress with long queues and procedures, but if you show patience with the people who attend you, you stay calm and show your smile, they may even give you advantages like better seats, or you will not be charged if you exceed something in the weight of the suitcase.

While traveling comfort is essential, but you also have to consider the choice of a enough presentable clothing, as you could suffer some embarrassing moment. Always remember that comfort is not at odds with maintaining a correct appearance.

Thanks to these simple and practical tips, we are sure that you will enjoy more of your trip, avoiding very common mistakes and last minute unforeseen.