If you are going to travel by plane, from the airport parking in Alicante we want to give you some tips to fly with liquids. Keep in mind that the European Union regulates what kind of liquids you can carry on an airplane and how you should do it.

Who does the standard affect?

To all passengers taking flights departing at an airport in the European Union, even if it is a stopover or transfer from one flight to another.

What regulates the norm?

The purpose of the safety measures is to prevent liquid explosives from being carried on aircraft and affects liquid materials of similar consistency, including water, beverages, creams and pastes, oils, perfumes, gel, aerosols and so.

What you can carry and how to do it?

What regulates the norm is the quantity and the form in which you must carry these substances.

If you want to carry liquids in hand luggage the standards are:

 You must take each substance in a different container, without any of them exceeding 100 ml capacity. Among all must not exceed 1 liter.

 You must carry all the containers in a transparent plastic bag, closed and that is not greater of 20 cm by 20 cm, nor so small that it makes difficult the inspection.

At the control, you must present this bag separately, outside the hand luggage, to be inspected.

Medications and baby foods

 If you travel with a baby you can carry milk, water with milk powder or porridge. If you need any medication, you can take it. It does not count in the total liter, nor have to go in the bag, but you must present them for inspection.


 If all this seems complicated, you can buy prepared bags in supermarkets, check the liquids or buy at destination what you need. You can also buy it at airport shops once you have passed the check.