The Rock of Ifach natural park is an important point for tourism in the province of Alicante. In this article we tell you a little more about this park and we explain the keys to enjoy a tour of the Rock of Ifach, located in Calpe.

Rock of Ifach Natural Park

This park was declared a natural park on January 19, 1987, by the Valencian government that existed at that time. It covers 53 hectares, has an altitude of 332 meters and has become one of the emblems of the Costa Blanca.

It should be noted that the rock is perfect for lovers of climbing, since it must be a unique experience climbing right next to the sea. The rock has more than forty routes of scale to enjoy this sport in one of the most incredible and different ways. In addition, the climb to the top, if done by foot, lasts one hour.

It is also an ideal excursion to do with children, however, you have to be careful when you reach the tunnel dug in the mountain, since from here it is better that children do not ascend. You walk on rocks that slide and you have to use ropes that are on the wall to avoid slipping and falling. In addition, the ascent in this part is much steeper and steeper, which increases the danger. However, the diverse fauna of birds that accompany the walker during the ascent and the wonderful views that can be observed, both in the ascent and when it has reached the top, are really worthy.

One of the most important points and which is a must in the Rock of Ifach is the so-called rock reef, the maritime part. The stones and large rocks that have been detached from the rock have settled on the seabed, forming a different and labyrinthine seabed. Therefore, it is an important place to observe this “reef” and the marine fauna, for this, you can practice diving and snorkeling. This last marine sport is perfect to be practiced in Cala Racó.

It is a perfect place from which to take some spectacular photographs thanks to the viewpoints that the natural park has. The views are unparalleled and some of the viewpoints are built on the basis of old watchtowers that were in the old wall that surrounded the Pobla d’Ifach. If you are wondering what to see in Alicante, do not miss the opportunity to take some dreamy photos and take, also in your mind, landscapes and views as beautiful as those that are admired from the top of the rock.