When planning a trip of several days, you may arise the problem of what to do with the car once you get to the airport. Umbrella Parking at Alicante airport offers travelers a quality service parking to avoid being aware of the car during your travel.

This airport has several international destinations that many people continually visit and thanks to Umbrella Parking you can have your car safely parked. One of the cities that receives a big number of visitors is Dublin, a place steeped in history, culture, nature and fun that combines perfectly Gaelic folk tradition with modernity of an European capital.

What to see in Dublin

Home of great poets and writers like James Joyce or Oscar Wilde, Dublin is a great tourist destination. The city has two cathedrals, museums and buildings like the town hall, the castle or the famous Custom House. But Dublin is well known for its nightlife and its pubs, many of which are concentrated in the district of Temple Bar. Following this thread, one of its most popular attractions is a visit to the former brewery Guinness, one of the main irish icons.

Temple Bar

 Temple Bar in Dublin

 Moreover, being the main city of one of the most frequent low-cost airlines at Alicante Airport, Dublin has many connections to Alicante, so you can find good deals that will make the visit to the capital of Ireland more desired.

 This trip and many other equally attractive can be performed comfortably thanks to Umbrella car Parking at Alicante Airport.