One of the destinations offered on the Alicante Airport is Zurich, the main city of Switzerland (although not the capital). If you are planning to travel to Zurich from Alicante, continue reading, as we will tell you everything you can not miss on a visit to this city.

 What to see in Zurich

Zurich is a cosmopolitan city, where history and avant-garde are mixed, trapping everyone who visits it.

Before starting to visit museums and monuments, we recommend you to take a walk through its streets, to discover its essence and the many faces that can offer you. For this, nothing better than heading to the Altstadt, the old town, where its medieval buildings look like drawn from a fairy tale.

Between its nooks and crannies, you will find the Grossmünster Church, known as ‘Zurich Cathedral’. According to the legend, Charlemagne knelt before the tombs of St. Felix and St. Régula, patrons of the city, ordered to build it. It has two visitable towers overlooking the Limmath River, which will give you the most beautiful image of the city.

If after this visit, you are looking for something more alternative to see in Zurich, we recommend heading towards Viadukt, the neighborhood where street art, underground business and more hipsters bars meet. It is one of the best options to have a good time at night.

Finally, something that you can not miss, when flying to Zurich from Alicante, are the experiences offered there. Switzerland is well known for its cheeses and chocolate, so if you are a lover of these delicatessen, do not go without having tried a delicious fondue or without having visited one of the many chocolateries that are found in its streets, where to try the Best Swiss chocolate pralines.