Alicante Airport has the Dutch city of Amsterdam as one of its preferred destinations. A very fashionable city loved for their friendliness and its confortability to travel. It allows to know a piece of center europe at a glance.


What to see in Amsterdam?

If you are thinking of traveling to Amsterdam will suit you some recommendations on the best places you can find there:

  1. Place Damm: is the center from which the city was created. It is the heart of the city and you can enjoy historical buildings on it like the Royal Palace, the National Monument or Nieuwe Kerk.
  2. Red district: is one of the most appealing neighborhoods to tourists. Among its red lights storefronts where women offer their services are emerging. It is also the neighborhood where most number of coffee shops there. Remember that in the coffee shops do not sell alcohol, so do not go there if you’re looking to try a Dutch beer. Dinner at one of its exquisite restaurants.
  1. The Anne Frank House: sure you read the newspaper anguishing where Anne Frank chronicled the reality of families who hid fearing for his life during the Nazi occupation. Now you can also know the scenario.
  1. Channels: You can´t leave town without taking a boat ride along the canals that run through it. A very romantic way to see the city.

Take a bike till its green parks or museums and look at Rembrandt or Amstelkring art are other attractions you can enjoy.

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